Leadership series: Joyce Meyer

“Critique of Joyce Meyer at the SEU Leadership Forum 2010”

This is a critique of Joyce Meyer, who spoke on March 11, 2010 at Southeastern University’s Leadership forum.

  • Joyce Meyer opened her presentation by titling it, “The courage to be a leader.” Meyer wanted to push for this idea that no matter what hardships are faced a Leader must push through in order to pursue their God given purpose and their dreams.
  • “All true success and happiness comes from trying to make someone else’s life better.” This statement really took hold of me and caused me to rethink the definition of success. Often time we are so consumed with this idea that success is measured in terms of numbers or money, but in reality maybe success is not entirely tangible. When you go forth in the effort to change other people’s lives, you actually are changing the world simply one person at a time. This in fact truly defines success, after all isn’t the goal to change the world for Christ?
  • Another thing that Joyce Meyer mentioned that I had not really thought of before, was that “fear used in the bible means, don’t run or flee.” This is a mind-blowing revelation, the believer is not being told that if you fear you are sinning, but is being told not to run. Basically Christians face many trials and things that can truly shake our faith, but the key is not to suppress emotions or feelings, but simply don’t back down from them. Joyce Meyer was telling us it’s ok to be afraid, but it is not ok to run away from what you fear.

The most helpful part of this presentation for me, was when she told the story of her journey to where she is now. It was amazing to hear of all the trials and failures that she experienced in order to get to where she is today. She spent a great deal of time discussing how she tried to find her identity in different things aside from the ministry. She spoke of how these were some of the worst times she can remember.

There was a specific trial of one year that truly tested her, during this year she stayed home and tried to act as a “stay at home” woman. Here she met some of the loneliest and frustrating days of her life. She went on to explain that through all of those trials and frustrations during that year, she came out of it knowing exactly who God had called her to be. This is like “gold” for a new leader, the encouragement and the model that Joyce Meyer set forth for the audience was priceless information.

  • “God will never help you be anybody but you.” These words spoken by Joyce Meyer ring through my ears and down into my soul. God has called all of us to do and be someone unique, not a copy of someone else. Joyce explained that often we get mad at God for not helping us do something, when in reality God is in heaven saying, “I never called you to do that in the first place, therefore I’m not responsible to bless it.” Of course I’m not trying to delve into the theological ideas of that statement, I’m simply acknowledging that God wants to help us with the things he has called us to, not to things that will only take us further away from our destiny. Leaders often struggle with this, because they want to be like so many other great leaders, and sometimes that go as far as dressing and acting like those individuals.
  • This is a mistake; we all have specific gifts and talents that can be used uniquely and in effective ways outside of being copies. This is probably one of the greatest struggles for leaders, but if they could learn this way of thinking, it would change their lives

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