Spring to fall or is it fell and sprung?

First of all I am not “sprung” easy my “big butt” lovers. Just as the season is changing, my life has taken a similar path. A month ago I had an apartment lined up in Florida, now I live in Tennessee and am scrambling to find an apartment in Nashville. My future bride and I prayed, talked and struggled through a difficult question….”do we want better?” Ash and I decided to take a huge risk and lay it all on the line and move to a completely different state.

If you want better……pray, YES…..work hard, YES…..but……make the effort…..give God something to work with….not only have faith move out on it.

do yourself a favor and take that leap of faith.


GrAcE and dear john?!

The other day I took my fiance to go see Dear John and in the movie the couple is talking about each-other’s flaws and how “bad” and screwed up they are. They both went on about how none of that mattered…it struck me right then that nothing ashley does or has ever done or will ever do, will make me stop loving her. Matter of fact, her flaws and mistakes make me love her even more….

  • This made me think of how much God loves us…
  • If “I” in all of my flaws and weakness and screw-ups, can love like that imagine how much more God loves you and me…
  • Through our weakness he is made strong…

Thank God for his grace and for his love.

Want more on grace go check out my brother-in-law, Brewster.

You want me to have my reception next to the dollar general?

Marketing is amazing. Yesterday ash and i were out looking for a place to have our wedding reception. Her mom found this cool joint over in St. Augustine area that was suppose to just be amazingly beautiful and classy. The internet pics flattered it and the lay on the phone said it was in walking distance to the water. Come to find out it was in a shopping plaza next to Dollar General and next door to a veterinarian. Marketing is a tool that everyone of us use daily without even realizing it. The place was family owned and really was beautiful, but the ads were misleading. I still have to give the company props though for strategically marketing. Sometimes you have to find a way to get someone to come see what it is your advertising because you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. So props to you my little restaurant. ps: although it was surprisingly classy and beautiful i think we will keep looking.