Top 10 from Public Relations

1. Twitter

  • This semester I learned how to use my twitter for socializing and for professional endeavors. I was able to connect with a lot of Professionals in the ministry and also connect with some friends and get to know what they are like on a regular basis. Twitter is a great tool for business, because it makes social networking so easy and fun to use.

2. WordPress

  • I use to have a blog which I kept up with regularly and often I would write a lot of emotional and “journal like” entries. There was nothing wrong with this approach, but I have learned to use my blog in a more effective way. I now use my blog for class, social connecting, and for professional reasons. I gladly put my blog on resumes, knowing that because of my Public Relations class this semester, I have learned to maintain an interesting and easy to navigate blog.

3. Hyperlink

  • This semester I have learned to use hyperlinks. Prior to taking this public relations class, I had no idea how to hyperlink. Now I have become very efficient in using hyperlinks to make connections. I am able to supply an abundance of information and also lead my readers to other amazing blogs that maybe better explain something I am struggling to convey.

4. Research

  • This semester I have learned to research topics in a different manner than I was previously used to. I was able to research topics and subjects through Public Relations News sites and other means. This has really helped me in many areas outside of the classroom and I’m really glad that I was able to learn how to use these new tools.

5. Writing skills

  • This semester I have improved in my writing skills, and have learned new techniques for blogging. I feel that I am more well prepared to enter the professional world, because I now understand how to write effective and interesting blog posts that can relate to a certain subject or field.

6. Crisis Management

  • One of my favorite topics this semester was Crisis Management. We were able to learn techniques that will help us avoid mega-disasters in our future careers. Things happen that often make our company or clients look ┬ábad, and by knowing steps on how to handle these situations, we can minimize the damage.

7. Connecting with class mates

  • I have really enjoyed connecting with my fellow classmates this semester. It is awesome to go and read blogs that pertain to the same things you are talking about, but from different perspectives. I have see some great material and gotten to know some great people, simply by reading their blog posts. I hope that Professor Nixon will continue to require her students to read their fellow classmates blogs in the future, because it is one of the most effective assignments given for the class.

8. Realizing how much actually pertains to PR

  • I couldn’t believe how many fields, stories, companies, etc… are actually a part of Public Relations in some way. There are a lot of connections that I never would have made had it not been for this class. Public Relations is a broad field and very difficult to define, but it can easily be spotted in Media, print, and many stories all throughout the news. Whenever I see someone giving a speech, I now have to wonder if they are representing the company via Public Relations firm/dept. or if they are truly an employee.

9. Interviewing

  • I was able to interview a Public Relations professional this semester, and it was really enlightening. I learned a lot about Public Relations that I did not know prior to the interview. This was an awesome opportunity to learn not only interviewing skills, but also how to speak with someone in such a “high up” position. Being a student has a lot of perks, and one of my favorites is that I always have access to some great leaders and professionals simply because I have an “assignment” due.

10.Use of Media

  • Using images, video, etc… Really changes how people interact with your blog. this semester I have tried to include pictures in as many posts as possible, and the results are amazing. I have a consistent amount of traffic on my blog, I believe this is because it is more visually appealing than my previous blogs. When someone has something to look at or even something to compliment the post, it really makes the story more appealing and “eye-catching” for the reader.

Well these are my top 10 things I enjoyed about this semester in Public Relations Comm 2322. It has been fun getting to know all of my class mates, and learning under Professor Nixon, this blogging experience has been a real life changing activity for me, and I hope all of my classmates can say the same thing.