Flip camera

I was looking through some of the top PR stories and this one came up immediately. It’s really interesting to see that this little device has become so popular. It’s small, compact, light, and according to another blogger, is able to film in HD. This is perfect for future movie cinematographers. I personally hope to get my hands on one someday in the near future.



Today I was thinking about the Shamu attack that happened at Sea World a month or so ago. It’s amazing that in only a matter of a month or so the Shamu attack has become old news. My fiance recently went to Sea World and you wouldn’t know that anything had happened. This is really shocking to me, but apparently Sea World has some really good Public Relations professionals working for them. All of the negative news and media was kept pretty much under control. I would have imagined that all kinds of animal activists would have raided the news stations, and the family of the woman who passed away would have been suing. None of that really happened though, this is a perfect example of how to handle such a tragic crisis with respect and professionalism.  It would be interesting to study and research just how Sea world avoided worse disaster.

3D you finally beat me.

Ok so I was completely against the whole 3D movement since the beginning, until the other day. My nephew wanted to go see “how to train your dragon,” it was absolutely hilarious, and the 3D made me feel like I was actually in the movie. I watched my nephew sit with a huge tub of popcorn on his lap and big ol’ 3D glasses just chuckie cheese smiling. He looked over to me in concern and wanted to make sure I would be ok because I get motion sickness and he wanted to be sure I would make it. HAHAHA kids are awesome.

  • The movie was really funny and had some great life lessons in it, I recommend it to all families and I warn you 3D is truly addicting….However get read to pay $14  a ticket…..they need to lower that for real!!!!!

So I believe that the Movie theatre industry was hurting pretty bad, but they have discovered a way to dig out of the whole…..Get more kids to beg their parents to go to the movies. It really is genius and looking at it from the marketing aspect, the Theatre industry has hit a gold mine. Movie prices have constantly been on the rise the question is will the new found revenue in 3D movies make them greedy, break even, or will they finally lower prices again????

More Green…I’m sorry I have to

I know I’m kind of on this whole “green” kick, maybe it was the whole weird wedding seminar thing. Either way I have been thinking about how I can recycle some old products when I came across this article today about Best Buy using Facebook to get people to come in and recycle their old products.

This is a great idea, but I get nervous because what guarantee do I have that these products aren’t getting stripped down or being re-used by Best Buy. I mean I know the purpose is to re-use the product, but is Best buy getting the spare parts and extra material, or are they sending them to some kind of plant where it all gets melted down and bought back by multiple companies?

I don’t any thoughts?

GM makes a PR’s dream come true

Today I was watching tv and saw the new GM commercial and instantly it grabbed my attention.

  • It was shocking to learn that they payed back their 8.4 billion dollar debt. This is amazing and I’m sure that the PR professionals working for GM are loving every minute of this. The commercial is flawless and the (President I assume that’s who it was) begins by talking about how angry people were about the “bail out,” but then he reports they have paid off their loan and the interest, all five years before it was due.

I read an article to find out more information I highly recommend checking it out.

Maybe there is hope for our economy, in the article near the end it talks about how GM is optimistic about the economy turning around and the plans working. We will see, but I am really impressed with how many jobs were created by GM recently.

  • Kind of a crazy paradox considering Toyota’s situation.

Green tires?

I came across an article where it was stated that checking tire pressure is green?

  • This is crazy but does make a lot of sense. Apparently if you check your tire pressure and keep enough air in them then you use less gas, burn less emissions and save $.

As I’ve learned more about the “green movement,” I’ve discovered that a lot of your basic recycling or conserving energy, is a long processed equation. This meaning that by doing step “1” you are effecting step “18.” Little decisions effect larger decisions. If you turn the water off while you brush your teeth, you are saving water, electricity and other resources. This results in less gasoline or oil being used to run machines that manufacture these etc…. etc… It’s actually mind blowing, but pretty amazing if you can just get your mind around even some of the concepts.

ipad Update

It has only been a month or two since I last blogged about the ipad, and it’s amazing to see how successful Mac’s marketing has been.

As a way to read books the results showed this.

There was a lot of remarks made towards it being called the “ipad” some despised the name while most just said they didn’t care for it. However as Barbara Nixon and I discussed in class one day, “it got people talking.”

This to me is just simply marketing at it’s best. Those PR professionals within the company have a gold mine of opportunity to take negative publicity and spread the word about their product. During all of the negative and postive media Mac never flinched and once again has proven why their company is leading the way in making media not only practical but entertaining.

Interesting fact about how the ipad was released