Passion is a funny word

Passion, what a funny word don’t you think? It can be positive or negative. A passion for the arts, a passion for women, a passion for the orphan, a passion for hiking, a passion for the widow, a passion for absolutely nothing… Imagine if the word passion was taken out of your life. Literally you never ever gave your full emotion, talent, love, fear, etc… to anything.

Strangely this seems easy to actually do, it doesn’t seem so drastic when applied to real life, suddenly bright colors become dull, dreams become desires become memories become forgotten.  This isn’t a sob story this is what happens to a lot of us, we suddenly lose some of ourselves to routine, schedule, frustration, confusion. We suddenly lose our urge to fight. We look at pictures of death, disease, genocide, wars and famine and suddenly say “oh well.” Nothing seems tangible only metaphorical and all is just simply too much to conquer or bear. We stop believing that one single action from us could actually change anything… Passion, what a funny word don’t you think?


One response to “Passion is a funny word

  1. Passion, never liked the word…….Enthusiasm is a better word, anything that you can be excited doing…going out to eat with friends and family, bowling, dancing maybe just taking a walk with someone you love:)……..If all the bad stuff is bothering you remember this …..The Bible tells us to keep our eyes upon Jesus, and that everything else will become very dim in his light. Focusing on all the good things we have and having gratitude for those things is the key to having happiness in this life:)

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