No…No and… No

We receive a lot more No’s in life then Yeses (please excuse an spelling errors right there).

Job hunting is probably the most frustrating venture one will embark on. It literally will make you feel like a very small fish in a very large pond. E-mail after E-mail will contain….”thank you…BUT…..

It becomes discouraging and often hurts because it feels like rejection….I’m trying to take Ash’s advice and remember….”maybe the no will led you to better opportunities.”

I know that I didn’t get the really “plush” job in Lakeland because there was more opportunity in Nashville. I know I’m constantly rejected by church after church because either I am not ready or there is better opportunity out there (maybe a lil’ bit of both).

No can actually be a Yes in disguise….it could be the place holder for something much better.  Not only that but it makes the Yeses in life, just that much better. The best “Yes” I ever received is about to be my wife in less than a month. Thank God for the No’s I received from other girls when I asked for that relationship, or that date, because otherwise I would have missed out on the most amazing woman in the world.


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