Secret sleeves

I was listeneing to the new One Republic single “secrets” and there is a line about wearing your “secrets on your sleeves,” and I had this thought; what if we all had tattooed sleeves, and our artwork consisted of all of our lives, our triumphs our tragedies, what would yours or mine look like?

I have a tattoo on my fore arm and I get asked about it daily, which I absolutely love. Immediately the question arises about, “what does it mean?”

I have this visual of a person looking at my arm and seeing a picture of a broken heart with stitches, they ask what is that one about…pain and love, how i was wounded and ¬†beautiful woman (soon to be my wife) taught me how to really love.

Another sees a picture tears falling on broken bodies, they ask again, “what does that mean?” I explain my sympathy, my sorrow, my passion for broken people but also tears representing my lack of action.

How can we better convey our lives into visual artwork that is open and on our sleeves.

What if we were a lamp that lit an entire dark room, what if we were the salt that seasoned conversations, what if our stories, our actions, our passions were on our sleeves and we never had to start a conversation because the artwork was so interesting and compelling others asked about your beautiful artwork….


2 responses to “Secret sleeves

  1. Engaging and true. We are the Ultimate art work that has been placed here, we choose to be Picasso’s masterpiece or a 4th graders scribbling. Regardless, we can touch someone.

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