Ten tips for blogging

Here are a few tips when blogging.

1. Comment on other blogs. This sounds like something all bloggers would know entering into the blog world, but they still don’t do it. Commenting on other’s blogs is very important to helping the blogging world advancing. Often we want to write a blog, sit back and wait for everyone else to read our blog without us giving any kind of feedback to others. This is very selfish and should be avoided. So go out there and start commenting.

2. Add graphics and media. It’s easy to write a blog and not add anything to it, but if you want your blog to be appealing and eye-catching you really need to add something that will grab the reader’s attention.

3. Check and re-check spelling and grammar. There is nothing worse than reading someone’s blog and stopping in a sentence simply because of a misspelling or typographical error.

4. Always respond to people’s comments left on your blog. This let’s the reader know that you care about what they say and hopefully by responding in a timely fashion they will continue to read your posts.

5. Make your blog easy to navigate. Sometimes it’s so easy to add new features and posts with pictures etc… but if someone doesn’t know how to find them what good are they? I always ask myself if someone who is not very good at computers or web navigating would be able to benefit from everything on my site easily and effortlessly.

6. Short blogs are the best blogs.

7. Be kind and rewind. Refer back to popular posts and give new updates, ideas and thoughts.

8. Avoid foul language, there are plenty of words in the world, use your brain and avoid offending people.

9. Write out of your comfort zone.

10. Think outside the box and try to find captivating stories, idea, thoughts, opinions, etc… Then write about them in a creative and compelling way.


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