Take away from an interview with Martin Waxman

This post is in response to Professor Barbara Nixon’s interview of Mr. Martin Waxman. Mrs. Nixon asked her class to watch the interview and write their thoughts and ideas about the interview in a brief “response post.”

Mr. Waxman began the interview with a brief introduction about his company and  an brief description of some of the companies that they represent. These are some of the thoughts and ideas that I picked up on from watching the interview.

  • Podcasting is great because you can just say things and not have to go back and rewrite it.
  • He talked about the tools and often the temptation comes to just use the tool and not strategically use it for the tactics.
  • As an employer he is looking for traditional media relations because the traditional won’t go away and often these traditions are important to employers and clients. Also an understanding of Social Media is really important, and following people who are in the field, who are doing a great job and setting the pace for the industry. He also emphasized that you ought to be careful of typographical errors and spelling mistakes when you are writing your blog.
  • Organizations need to figure out how they are going to engage  and react with social media and the news that end up out in the media waves about them.
  • When you are experimenting with new tools, the use of case studies and practicing prior to due dates.
  • risk of ignorance.
  • Teachers having communication with students at odd times of the day.

These were just some thoughts and ideas that came from the interview. The most important principles that one can take away from this interview would be that you must be familiar with social media tools and how to efficiently use them for the purpose of  helping your clients and your own business.


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