Today I was thinking about the Shamu attack that happened at Sea World a month or so ago. It’s amazing that in only a matter of a month or so the Shamu attack has become old news. My fiance recently went to Sea World and you wouldn’t know that anything had happened. This is really shocking to me, but apparently Sea World has some really good Public Relations professionals working for them. All of the negative news and media was kept pretty much under control. I would have imagined that all kinds of animal activists would have raided the news stations, and the family of the woman who passed away would have been suing. None of that really happened though, this is a perfect example of how to handle such a tragic crisis with respect and professionalism.  It would be interesting to study and research just how Sea world avoided worse disaster.


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  1. Now that you mention it, you’re right, I haven’t seen much of the negative side to the whole Shamu attack. I would agree with you in saying it’s surprising to not see animal rights groups picketing or the woman’s family being outraged that the whale is still alive, but alas the show must go on. There Public Relations team must be really great to handle such a tragic situation and still not miss a beat when it comes to the company or the show. As sad as I am that the woman lost her life, I must say I’m impressed as to how everyone handled themselves after the whole ordeal. I agree with you that it would be interesting to see how they avoided major problems after the tragedy and it would be a great place to work with in their public relations department to gain knowledge on how to learn how to handle difficult situations.

    • Yeah it’s pretty interesting, I was really surprised to look back and realize how little the whole thing effected the media. Professional companies really need to look into the story more and find out the strategies that they took to avoid complete catastrophe. thanks for the feed back.

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