More Green…I’m sorry I have to

I know I’m kind of on this whole “green” kick, maybe it was the whole weird wedding seminar thing. Either way I have been thinking about how I can recycle some old products when I came across this article today about Best Buy using Facebook to get people to come in and recycle their old products.

This is a great idea, but I get nervous because what guarantee do I have that these products aren’t getting stripped down or being re-used by Best Buy. I mean I know the purpose is to re-use the product, but is Best buy getting the spare parts and extra material, or are they sending them to some kind of plant where it all gets melted down and bought back by multiple companies?

I don’t any thoughts?


2 responses to “More Green…I’m sorry I have to

  1. I recently saw a commercial talking about how you can recycle your old laptops and computers which I think is an awesome idea. I bet so many people just throw out their old computers because honestly..what else are you going to do with them? I think that it’s great that Best Buy is taking the initiative to go green. You don’t get a guarantee, but I think you have to trust them that they will recycle the part, but at the same time what are you going to use the parts for anyways? They could be better spent making a new product right? I guess it doesn’t bother me to think about them using my old lap top or computer, I wouldn’t be surprised if they used it for something but again I don’t need it for anything. I should be happy that they took the old thing off my hands.

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