GM makes a PR’s dream come true

Today I was watching tv and saw the new GM commercial and instantly it grabbed my attention.

  • It was shocking to learn that they payed back their 8.4 billion dollar debt. This is amazing and I’m sure that the PR professionals working for GM are loving every minute of this. The commercial is flawless and the (President I assume that’s who it was) begins by talking about how angry people were about the “bail out,” but then he reports they have paid off their loan and the interest, all five years before it was due.

I read an article to find out more information I highly recommend checking it out.

Maybe there is hope for our economy, in the article near the end it talks about how GM is optimistic about the economy turning around and the plans working. We will see, but I am really impressed with how many jobs were created by GM recently.

  • Kind of a crazy paradox considering Toyota’s situation.

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