3D you finally beat me.

Ok so I was completely against the whole 3D movement since the beginning, until the other day. My nephew wanted to go see “how to train your dragon,” it was absolutely hilarious, and the 3D made me feel like I was actually in the movie. I watched my nephew sit with a huge tub of popcorn on his lap and big ol’ 3D glasses just chuckie cheese smiling. He looked over to me in concern and wanted to make sure I would be ok because I get motion sickness and he wanted to be sure I would make it. HAHAHA kids are awesome.

  • The movie was really funny and had some great life lessons in it, I recommend it to all families and I warn you 3D is truly addicting….However get read to pay $14  a ticket…..they need to lower that for real!!!!!

So I believe that the Movie theatre industry was hurting pretty bad, but they have discovered a way to dig out of the whole…..Get more kids to beg their parents to go to the movies. It really is genius and looking at it from the marketing aspect, the Theatre industry has hit a gold mine. Movie prices have constantly been on the rise the question is will the new found revenue in 3D movies make them greedy, break even, or will they finally lower prices again????


12 responses to “3D you finally beat me.

  1. I have to admit that I was really impressed with the first couple of movies that I saw in 3D. I really felt like they were made of awesome. Total emersion with corny 3D gags that totally sucked you in even more. But then I got 3Ded out relatively quickly. Not only is the price a little high, but it just doesn’t make a difference in some movies. I can say that both Avatar and Alice in Wonderland just didn’t benefit at all. I felt like I was watching a regular movie except for the scenes where particles of dust floated around in front of what was going on. I really hope the price goes down and they stop making just any old movie 3D to get more cash.

    I’m just saying!

    • Yeah from what i have heard some movies don’t benefit from it at all. I agree that not every movie should be made that way and it is annoying when every preview says 3D!!!! Plus they are making step up 3 in 3D which sounds ridiculous, I guess we will see what happens.

  2. Do you remember the times of the old 3D where thing actually seems to come off the sceen, with the blue and red glasses. I feel like the new 3D just isn’t the same. I have seen a couple of movies in #D and haven’t really enjoyed then, and definitely don’t think they are worth the extra money. With that being said, I do want to see this movie, do you think the 3D is better in it, or do you think its the same as it has been?

    • I do recall those days and Universal Studios still sports them with their Terminator show. Yes There are probably like three or four scenes where the dragon is flying and you really feel like your kind of on the back of the dragon it’s pretty wild. Over all nothing is really going to be flying out at you, but definitely cool when the kid is flying with the dragon.

    • I saw Dragon without the 3D and enjoyed the movie very much. I don’t really think I would have gotten more out of the movie if it had been in 3D.

      • Yeah, I can respect that. I did feel like I was flying but I have not ruled out the combination of popcorn butter and soda mixing to create a psychedelic combination hahaha jk. Thanks for the feedback!

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  4. I cannot remember one movie that I have seen in 3D. I don’t want to declare myself a 3D virgin, because I have had experience with it at theme parks back home, but I’ve never sat in a traditional movie theater with the square frames and colored lens. I wish I had, you’re experience sounds fantastic and fun. You’re description of your nephew is adorable. It’s real cute how he looks out for you and your motion sickness. I’m glad you got to see it and share in a bonding experience with your younger family member. It is often hard to relate to different generations. I believe people should do that more often and not just take their own children to the movies, but take somebody else’s kid to the movies. One kids film is not going to lessen one’s braincells or intelligence level. So anyway: good for you.

  5. I too, was determined not to fall into the 3-D movie fad. First of all, I had this image in my mind that all the new 3-D movies would be exactly like the quality I experienced during Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. Even at the age of 12 I knew a poor effort when I saw one. I was even appalled when I saw the commercials for the new 3-D televisions. Seriously, how ridiculous do those families look with the thick-rimmed glasses on their faces, laughing together and just having a great time? Maybe I’m just old school? But this post kind of made me curious. I don’t know if it’s worth shelling out $14, but I might have to go check out this new technology soon. I’m sure movie studios have updated their equipment since the Spy Kids disaster.

    • This would be my suggestion. Free alternative, yes I said free…. Go to best buy and go to the theatre dept. There they have the new 3D television set up with the new 3D blue ray player and surround sound. They usually have the animated alien movies playing and its in true 3D. So it’s the same basically as the one in the theatre but a little better probably because of the blue ray. Go check it out and see what you think.

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