Green tires?

I came across an article where it was stated that checking tire pressure is green?

  • This is crazy but does make a lot of sense. Apparently if you check your tire pressure and keep enough air in them then you use less gas, burn less emissions and save $.

As I’ve learned more about the “green movement,” I’ve discovered that a lot of your basic recycling or conserving energy, is a long processed equation. This meaning that by doing step “1” you are effecting step “18.” Little decisions effect larger decisions. If you turn the water off while you brush your teeth, you are saving water, electricity and other resources. This results in less gasoline or oil being used to run machines that manufacture these etc…. etc… It’s actually mind blowing, but pretty amazing if you can just get your mind around even some of the concepts.


2 responses to “Green tires?

  1. I have heard the same thing about keeping your tires pressure up, and I think it actually makes sense. I think that there are a lot of different things that you can do to “go green”. My personal opinion is that we should be mindful about our environment, but not get too obsessive about it. When I really think about this, I think that people get really worked up about the environment and going green, but people care less about people that are dying all over the world. I think that there needs to be a fine balance. I mean what is more important, our environment, or people’s lives?

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