My Via Dolorosa

One year ago I was walking the streets of the “Via Dolorosa.” I remember the intense emotion and feeling in the air. There were so many people all gathering for the same purpose.


The night before we watched “The Passion,” it was so intense and I remember just connecting with my savior on such a deep level knowing that in the morning I would walk the very road that he himself walked.


We now stood in the place where he was sentenced and I looked around imagining what it was like that morning when all were yelling and shouting at my savior. As the crowd began the long walk we saw the cross being carried and imagined what it would have been like as Christ walked by holding that cross.

It’s been a year now, how quickly I forget… That day was so intense for me and so real. Yet I have managed to let it slip away. I have always asked myself how someone who could see miracles or someone who was healed can forget and drift away from the Lord. I stand here and answer that very question, it seems I too, have managed to forget…. The old saying out of the bible says something along the lines of “O jerusalem let me not forget you, otherwise let my right hand forget its craft…” For me today I pray “O Lord let me not forget you, let me not withdraw and drift from you but help me to stay near and close to your heart, otherwise let me forget my purpose let me feel lonely don’t let me drift from you.”


This is kind of my Via Dolorosa…I have walked and and grown weary but now I lift my head and see my purpose, my destiny, “I will grab and claw for it!”

thank you ,Brewster, Ashley and dad for your encouragement this week.


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