Spring Break!!! And a forum?

Spring Break for me was really interesting. I spent the first few days chilling and pretty much doing nothing. As the week continued I prepared myself for the events of Wednesday afternoon.

From Wed. to Friday I spent countless hours (all amazingly worth it) sitting and listening to some of the greatest leaders in our time. I heard from Erwin Mcmanus, Jim Collins, Joyce Meyer, and oh yeah….President Bush. These were only some of the many speakers I was privileged to listen to. I learned so much that it is impossible to write everything down, except I kind of need to because I actually did the forum for three college credits!!!!

As I work through all the material and discussions I intend to write a series on my blog dedicated to the forum and leadership. I hope all of you will enjoy it and you can be looking for it in the next few weeks!!!

1st critique: Erwin McManus

2nd critique: Craig Groeschel

3rd critique: Joyce Meyer

4th critique: Patrick Lencioni

5th critique: Andy Stanley


3 responses to “Spring Break!!! And a forum?

  1. My comment isn’t about this blog post, but rather about your blog in general. (I wasn’t really sure where else to put this comment.) Not only have I noticed that you frequently update your blog, adding new content that is interesting, informative, and entertaining, but you have made your page easy to navigate around, which is really important to new bloggers like myself. My favorite part of your blog is definitely the list you have complied that links to the blogs of our other classmates. Instead of going to Public Relations Matters, which I find difficult to navigate around, I have bookmarked your blog as an access point to all the other blogs. Since I use your page so much I thought I would let you know how much I appreciate it! Thank you!

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  3. Thank you so much for your comment. It is really encouraging to hear good feedback! I plan on using media a lot in my future careers and it is awesome to hear that my material is clear and easy to navigate. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out where on a web page something can become confusing to a reader, so that really helps me in my quest to be “clear.” Thank you so much that comment really encouraged me today!

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