Chapter 2 & 3 of “Public Relations Strategies and Tactics”

These are some notes from chapters 2 & 3 of Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 9th edition .

Chapter 2 “The evolution of Public Relations”

  • “…Rosetta Stone, which provided the key to modern understanding of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, was basically a publicity release touting the pharaoh’s accomplishments” (40).
  • Something I don’t know if I agree with but worth noting…”Saint Paul, the New Testament’s most prolific author, also qualifies for the public relations hall of fame” (40).
  • Teddy Roosevelt …”was the first president to make extensive use of news conferences and press interviews to drum up public support when Congress was often critical or non supportive”  (48).
  • “…Edward L. Bernays who, through brilliant campaigns and extensive self-promotion, became known as the “father of modern public relations” by the time of his death in 1995 at the age of 103” (52).

Chapter 3 “Ethics and Professionalism”

Advocacy, Honesty, Expertise, Independence, Loyalty, Fairness (78).


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