Mr./Mrs. Approachable

Whether you are a leader, boss, CEO, employee or just your average “joe,” you have to ask yourself a simple question. Are you approachable?

  • Being approachable will impact your influence on people. You will gain credibility which as a result, People will be more apt to follow you, learn from you and devote their time and energy to the goal/vision.-Dr. Hemby

In Church Business and Administration class we discussed this idea  approachability. This is a touchy subject and I know myself to be unapproachable at times. I want to give some key markers by which to begin a conversation with yourself, God and those around you to see if maybe you have become unapproachable.

  • How many people would someone have to go through just to speak with you?
  • Can someone eat lunch with you even if they are not a part of your staff?
  • Would someone be stopped by “security” when approaching you?
  • Do you smile and greet people?
  • How many co-workers

These are just markers by which to begin the conversation between yourself and God and those around you. I hope this makes you and I sit back ask the question, “am I approachable?”


    3 responses to “Mr./Mrs. Approachable

    1. Wow! Really good blog! I think that this is a vital question to ask yourself when you are getting ready to enter the world of public relations. If we are not approachable, then our chances of getting people to hear our voice and listen to our views and opinions are small. I like the point that you said we gain credibility when we become approachable because people begin to trust us. This is an important thing to establish within the professional world. We need to be credible, we need to be trustworthy, and we need to be approachable. Great blog! I think that it is important to think about and to develop in our own lives.

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