The art of conversation

I recently was sitting in chapel. I will not lie to you, I can’t stand getting up at 8am, I’m a college student, I don’t go to bed until 1am or 2am every night. Needless to say that I usually go reluctantly.

However this time was different……there was a cool cafe’ table, and three nice chairs around it……suddenly I felt relaxed and part of a conversation.

This is not a new concept…many churches and leaders are taking this approach. Sitting gives off these impressions to the audience:

  1. Let’s discuss and work through this together.
  2. “I don’t know everything,” your on the other side of the table with me and we are conversing.
  3. This isn’t a monologue.

There are numerous advantages. I’m not saying that all times and situations call for this approach, but why not try this? As a college student who listens to lectures, sermons and opinions all day and gets tired of listening sometimes, this approach still managed to capture my attention…now of course it helped that the topic was “sex” but still the approach made me tune in.


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