Robbee G’s Twitter story

For public relations class we were assigned to use “twitter” for a week and then talk about our experience on our blog.

When I first heard about twitter I was throwing “hatorade” all over it. My main argument was that I didn’t need to know when Kanye was using the bathroom or when a celebrity was spotted somewhere.

  • I now stand here and admit that I judged a book or a bird by its cover before I really gave it a chance.

After “tweeting” for a couple of weeks I have discovered all kinds of stories, news and interesting ideas that I never would have heard about had it not been for twitter. Some of the coolest “tweets” were those related to events or award show taking place. I watched the Grammy’s and kept up with what people were saying on twitter about the show. It was like watching the Grammy’s with America in the bedroom with me. The comments, ideas and opinions were usually just funny, but often they were also great “inputs” that really made the whole experience more exciting.

  • It was amazing that almost every “tweeet” that night said something about how no one knew about the 3D classes, it was cool because it let you know everyone was in the same boat as you.

I think that in the future I will use twitter to make connections with professionals, keep in touch with friends and just for fun in general. I definitely find it a great tool to use and I find myself recommending it to others constantly.A lot of times we become disconnected from the world simply because we do not watch the news, read articles, or even just talk to people. Twitter has found a way to make “staying relevant” fun and easy for anybody no matter what age they are.


7 responses to “Robbee G’s Twitter story

  1. Good blog post! I had used twitter for awhile 2 years ago, so when Barbara assigned us the one week of twitter, I was not excited about it. I wasn’t excited about it because I stopped using it 2 years ago because it simply, got on my nerves. It really didn’t care about a lot of the stuff that I read on twitter, and to make it worse, I also had updates sent to my phone, making my phone vibrate, literally all the time. However, I must admit that twittering for this class was much for beneficial for me then just doing it for fun. It had more purpose, networking, and all that. So I guess what I am trying to get at is that you can get a lot out of twitter, I think that it is all about how you use it and what kind of a resource you make it!

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  3. Nice blog! I was definitely in the same boat as you about really judging the bird by its cover. Your expression “throwing ‘hatorade’ all over it” really made me laugh because I was doing the same exact thing.

    I really realized how valuable Twitter was after we, as a class, followed the extensive list of PR professionals. At first I was skeptical. I mean how much can we learn about the practice of public relations though 140 characters or less? Through the posting of links, I have discovered so much information.

    One fellow Tweeter I find fascinating is GuyKawasaki and his website He posts links to information about all kinds of things ranging from how to use Photoshop, tips on digital photography, and current news about anything under the sun. If you are especially interested in graphic design and imagery or new technology, it’s definitely something to check out.

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  5. Great post! Yeah, I was totally with you when I first started using twitter too. I don’t care about what everyone is doing every moment of the day. But soon did I learn too that twitter is more than that.

    I agree that twitter will be both beneficial for socializing and professional networking, especially since it is such a fast and easy way to communicate.

    I especially like being connected to important business and such and not just friends. I’ll admit, I feel less guilty using twitter as opposed to facebook because my time spent on twitter seems a lot more valuable because I am keeping up with current trends and news updates.

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