GrAcE and dear john?!

The other day I took my fiance to go see Dear John and in the movie the couple is talking about each-other’s flaws and how “bad” and screwed up they are. They both went on about how none of that mattered…it struck me right then that nothing ashley does or has ever done or will ever do, will make me stop loving her. Matter of fact, her flaws and mistakes make me love her even more….

  • This made me think of how much God loves us…
  • If “I” in all of my flaws and weakness and screw-ups, can love like that imagine how much more God loves you and me…
  • Through our weakness he is made strong…

Thank God for his grace and for his love.

Want more on grace go check out my brother-in-law, Brewster.


One response to “GrAcE and dear john?!

  1. That is so true. Just thinking about how much God loves each one of us and how much he sacrificed for us blows my mind. This post is awesome!

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