What era would I work as a PR professional?

If  I had a time machine and could go back in history and work in Public Relations, I would have to work in the 1920’s During this time Edward Louis Bernays was making headlines with his little stunt he pulled off with the “smoking women.”This era was very influential and marketing had not reached its full potential yet. Dr. Sigmund Freud, who was the uncle of Mr. Bernays, was really pushing the ideas of psychology and thinking outside the box.

This was an era where new ideas, ways of life,  and machines were constantly being created and designed. I would find this era both captivating and exciting because there would be so much opportunity to advertise and to influence (for good). The limits were endless and there was so much room for advancement in the Public Relations field because it was still being developed and molded into what it has become today.

Psychology was a new field that was still being created and developed at this time. Bernays was very creative and used his uncle’s research about the human mind and behavior to his advantage. I can imagine that this would have been an exciting time because you could develop new methods and strategies that had never before been introduced before that time. Human response and behavior was so connected to how publicity and advertising worked that it amazes me it took them that long to finally put real foundational methods to it.

I can just imagine working in the “PR” field during this time and getting the opportunity to learn and speak with Bernays, he is considered the “father of PR.” It would have been so cool to actually get to meet and talk to someone who was basically taking the whole field to another level. Many “greats” are long gone by the time we enter a field, but he would have been in his prime and learning from him even via articles or news reports would have been amazing.


2 responses to “What era would I work as a PR professional?

  1. Great post Rob. I totally agree with a little of the points you stated in this post. I actually said that I would have like to work in this era of public relations in my post for a lot of the same reasons. Since this was such an influential time, is there anything you wished Edward Barnays did differently? This there anything different that you would have advised Barnays to do back then if you could speak to him knowing what we know now? Just a thought. I also like how you linked both Bernays and Freud to their biographies. Keep up the good work.

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