PR Connections Post #1

Lately I have been following a number of Public Relations professionals on twitter. I have come across some really great articles that I never would have been aware of had it not been for twitter. I would like to share one of those articles with you.

  1. The article was about the ipad and how it can’t be sold yet. I learned of this story from Richard Laermer‘s tweet this afternoon. The article talked about how Mac hasn’t actually gotten all of the necessary approval to actually sell their new product yet and that’s why it won’t be available for three more months. The article goes on to share that it almost 100% will be approved, but it was really interesting to read this article and feel like you have a better understanding of why companies market the way they do.

I also found it interesting that when I responded to one of his “tweets” he indirectly answered my question later on that day. It is interesting that twitter really does connect you to people that you would normally never have any type of communication with.

I have also been following “CNN” and “Breaking News” through twitter, and I cannot believe how many amazing stories get missed by most people throughout the day. I will see a new “tweet” from one of these companies and just be amazed that there are so many stories daily that I have been missing.

All of this to say that the world of twitter with all of the “connection” possibilities is really amazing and worthwhile for anyone who is in the filed of “communications.”


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