Blog Comments for PR Comm 2322

This is a running list of comments that I am keeping track of for class.

Comment #1

Title: TOW: Publics

Author : Annalee Cole

My comment:

  • 1/31/10 I found it really interesting that you said you are a part of DSF’s Arts and Faith. I don’t believe I have heard of this group, was it formed on campus? I think that Art is so vital to Faith and there are so many christians who need to find freedom in expressing their faith for God through artistic avenues.

Comment #2

title: One week of twitter

Author: Jared Coats

My comment:

  • 2/16/10 Hey Jared, I liked how you approached the topic on twitter. Twitter is really a new thing to me as well. I had started one some time back and just couldn’t really get into it. Taking this class has opened up my eyes to many of the possibilities and advantages to using twitter. I think it is extremely interactive where as some other sites hound you with things you don’t care about, Twitter allows you to focus in on the people and organizations that matter to you. I also enjoy reading peoples’ “tweets,” it’s always interesting to learn about someone by reading their opinions and views on many different aspects of life in 140 words or less. I enjoyed your blog and I hope you put some more material out soon.

Comment # 3

title: Making the right move

Author: Amanda Furmage

My comment:

  • Great post! I have heard a little bit about the scandal going on with him but I didn’t realize he had been charged before. I agree that even though he wasn’t convicted his behavior must have led other’s to question what was going on and so obviously he was up to something. When you are in the spotlight I really believe you should show respect to yourself and those who look up to you. In a sense he is a leader and now imagine all those fans who loved him and followed him, how do you think they feel now?! Great post, I really like how much research you did.

Comment #4

title: one week of twitter

Author:annalee cole

my comment:

  • I found it interesting that you were using twitter prior to this assignment, as I kind of got the feeling most of us in the class hadn’t before. What drew you to use twitter before class? I know I started to use it, but just couldn’t quite get into it, because I felt like it was just really dumb and pointless. As time went on I began to see all of the benefits that can go along with using it. I guess I’m just curious as to what drew you to it?

comment #5

title: PR Connections 4/20

Author: Brianna Huisinga

My Comment:

  • That’s really cool. I think it is amazing that we can connect not only with celebrities but pieces of our past. I can only imagine if they had like a twitter dedicated to the original cast of “all that” I know everyone in our generation would freak out or “boy meets world.” In some way those shows kind of reflect our generation and how we grew up. I wonder where twitter will go in the next decade. Probably be like holograms of celebrities or something insane.

Comment #6

Title: “Topic of the week: Pr open mic”

Author: Chad Ainsworth

My Comment:

  • Hey Chad, That’s pretty cool, I didn’t know that it had that feature and now I’m kind of interested in checking it out. I see your argument against twitter, it can be just a means of updating what you’re doing, but I have found it a really useful tool to keep up with Family and other people I’m really close too. Does any of your Family use twitter? If not I could see how it is kind of annoying but if you use it to keep connections with friends and family it is a lot of fun. It does seem to border the line of stalking though (hahaha).

Comment #7

Title: “New iphone? Pr Connection”

Author: Jared Coats

My Comment:

  • That’s a great observation and thought. Sometimes you have to ask the questions and wonder how many “accidents” for a company that large are actually accidents. I mean look at the whole “ipad” thing, everyone made fun of it and said it would fail, which got people talking and interested, and now it’s huge. If the employee did leave it out on purpose I wonder if it was for personal reasons or if the company asked him to?! Kind of crazy to think about.

Comment #8

Title: T.O.W. 15

Author:Jenifer Molitor

My Comment:

  • Wow this post is really thorough and researched! It really is amazing how technology and news articles have developed just over the last few years. I went looking for news reports and I found myself looking at professional’s blogs over and over again. It seems like news is heading in an interesting direction and I wonder how much faster we could possible receive news other than twitter. Do you think there will be faster ways to access news in the next year or two?

Comment #9

title: “the importance of comments”

Author: Juliet Jones

My Comment:

  • I agree, your blog is very well set up and each post has a lot of details and information. I recently I received a lot of feed back that complimented me on the “easiness” of using my blog. It helped me know that all of my hard work has paid off and it makes me want to work harder to continue to make my blog easy and accessible. Comments are vital to a blogger’s life, without them writing can become frustrating because you don’t know if you are reaching anyone. This was a great post.

Comment #10

Title: “What makes a story newsworthy?”

Author: Megan Ginger

My Comment:

  • This is an awesome post. I recently just had an idea very similar to this and was thinking about all things you could observe in a setting. All the people around you and how you can interact with some of them. It is so interesting that we automatically are drawn to celebrities, but it makes complete sense as most of us follow trends and watch movies, listen to music and so as a result we are interested in those who lead the trends.

Comment # 11

title: Advice for PR Students

Author: Michelle White

My Comment:

  • I completely agree, knowing your strengths and weaknesses can make a world of difference when you move into the interview phase. You need to be confident in who you are and what you are good at. As far as the original post, I really liked the point about researching the company. This is vital in making a connection, without doing this you are somewhat running in the dark and can hit a tree pretty fast.

Comment #12

title: In times of Crisis

Author: Mike Trivett

My Comment:

  • This was a great post! I loved your image you used it caught my attention immediately! Crisis really reveals what someone is made of and what their beliefs are. True character is tested in the fire and usually you find out what kind of leader you are dealing with based on how they react. Your thoughts on “shortcuts” was really great, a lot of people do take them and it usually comes back to haunt them. If you are careful in the early stage and efficient, you will have a lot less work to do if things go wrong. Great post.

Comment #13

Title: Music & Public relations? How about cake instead?

Author: Molly Dodd

My Comment:

  • This is a really cool post. I have seen a lot more cakes shows lately and so I’m not too surprised to see that PR connections are possible here. I know with my fiancé and I getting married we have had to look at some cake designs and I was shocked to learn that some can cost over one thousand dollars, I said, “get yourself real.” But it is a flourishing company especially with people like Oprah and large companies ordering cakes to be brought in on tv shows or award banquets. Great post.

Comment # 14

Title: And the teacher said let there be research

Author: Stephanie Schroepfer

My Comment:

  • Behold I bring you good news! The best research is going to be found through books and journal articles. Journal articles are often Peer reviewed and therefore are college worthy. If you go to Southeastern’s Website and click on “student tools” and then the “steelman library” tab, put in your username and password (same as your e-mail) then it will bring you to a page with a bunch of links. click on “library database” and there you can select your dept. and when you click on “advanced search” you can click the check box for “peer-reviewed” This means that other Doctorates have reviewed the paper and it is viable for research. I hope I didn’t tell you something you already know, but I know how hard research is and I’m a senior and know the stresses of it all. Hope this helps if you have more questions hit me up on my blog.

Comment #15

Title: Top 10 tips for new bloggers

Author: Tiana holding

My comment:

  • Great Post, I am finding myself having to write furiously because I waited to long on some of the assignments. Blogging can be really fun and entertaining, but I do feel that you have to keep up with it daily. In a way it is a really great discipline to write daily, the lady I interviewed for PR class told me that you should write all the time if you want to be a PR person, because constantly writing and doing it for yourself will help prevent writer’s block. Great list, I think a lot of people will benefit from these ideas.

Comment # 16

Title: Being creative and paying the bills

Author: Tiffany Harris Zellner

My comment:

  • AWESOME post. This was a great post, and I related to it instantly because I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do after graduation next week. It truly is a struggle to know what exactly to do after the big graduation day. I like how you told a story and made it interesting and compelling with such great advice near the end. Great post this really helped me today.

Comment #17

Title: Infographics

Author: Tiffany Harris Zellner

My Comment:

  • That is so cool. I honestly didn’t know what “Infographics” were before I read your post. Now I recognize them and it is so true that they grab your attention immediately. Imagine how many fights and arguments could be avoided in Business and media industries if they presented difficult material in a more compelling and honest approach through art. Art has inspired humans since the beginning of our existence, it only makes sense that it would tell a story through images instead of words.

Comment # 18

Title: innovations

Author: Amanda  Furmage

My Comment:

  • Great post, I actually wrote a few on this subject as well. It seems that the “ipad” may revolutionize how we surf the web. Not only this but I did hear rumors about Hospitals using this, which would make perfect sense. I really hope that eventually it will be able to have editing tools that allow the user to edit videos. It’s amazing the technology we have and I can’t wait to see where it is going.

Comment #19

Title: Art of persuasion

Author: Amanda Furmage

My Comment:

  • This was a really interesting post. The amount of research and development throughout each thought was really great. The part that really caught me was the “KFC and Oprah” section. I remember when this went out and I was in line to get my chicken. It was pure chaos and I would say that KFC truly was not prepared. It’s kind of ironic, considering the idea behind each marketing idea or plan is to create buzz, yet most companies are not prepared for the buzz whether it is good or bad. great post.

Comment # 20

title: Why all these comments?

Author: Jared Coats

My Comment:

  • I really agree with this post. When you talked about facebook I actually remembered that there is a “like” tab that people often click on to let the person know that people like his status. Blogging is kind of the same way but as you said it is more of an educated “like”/”dislike” tab. People should leave well thought out and interesting comments as to keep the conversation going. Great post.

Comment #21

title: “My spring break 2010”

Author: Mike Trivett

My Comment:

  • I really like the way you laid this post out, it is really catchy for the eye. I have only been to Miami once, and I was there for a few hours and then had to leave, so I don’t have a good feel for the city. It was interesting that you said you have kind of lost your love for the city, but I can understand that as sometimes the beauty and the peace of living in more of a suburb or rural area can become nice and cozy. City life is hectic and tough and often steals away from the natural beauty at hand. Beautiful pictures you have a real eye for the lens.

My Comment # 22

Title: Everything is marketing

Author: Stephen Brewster

My Comment:

  • I loved two quotes from this…”Excellence is intentional. and Everything is marketing, even you” Excellence is intentional means that every single thing we do in life whether great or small has to be to the best of our ability because if it lacks or is incomplete in any way it becomes a sore spot on the finished product. Often these blemishes become what makes something unique and beautiful which is the paradox we live in of God exchanging beauty for our ashes, but we still have to strive for excellence because we indeed are sharing Christ with the world and our life is indeed “marketing.”

Comment # 23

title: So many words

Author: Karen

My comment:

  • Karen, Hey this is a great post and I wish you would write more and keep up with your blog. you have so much to write and say and it drives me nuts when people with your writing ability don’t take the time to share your gift. Your blog is creative and inspiring and I wish you would keep up with it and tell us what is going on in your life. 🙂

Comment # 24

Title: Nonsensical Fashion

Author: Ashley Bowman

My Comment:

  • Fashion really does leave us scratching our head most of the time. I think it’s so hard to figure out what is going on in those designers heads sometimes and now with all of the reality tv shows about designing it leaves the average person in shock. I mean some of these outfits are insane and honestly it makes no sense how these translate into what actually sells. so what is the purpose of these runways and shows? It reminds me of zoolander in so many ways lol.

Comment #25

Title: When we were young

Author: Jackie Brewster

My comment:

  • This is a great post. It reminds me of what Erwin McManus once said, “do you want to be famous, or do you want to be great?” It’s so easy to fall into the trap of being “well-known” or wanting to be a hollywood star, but in reality maybe being a cook, nurse, waitress, grocery worker, whatever can be great. Some people maybe are called to the low places in order to influence the great places. If someone lives their live out in the poverty and inspires the rich to give and help then they help change the rich person’s life while helping those who are in need. Great post made me think a lot.

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