Why Blog Comments?

Why should we comment on other blogs?

  • as Rob Bell would put it, “…I’m just adding to the conversation…”

Commenting on other blogs is literally adding to a conversation.

  • Blogging is a form of information, it is news. This news is specifically tailored to each individuals wants, passions, interests, etc…

Commenting on others blogs really adds a lot of benefits to the blogging world.

  • Making connections (social networking)
  • Informing others of your opinions and/or facts they otherwise would not be aware of.

A conversation means that there are multiple contributors and multiple opinions and facts. If people don’t comment there is also a lack of interaction and often an author of a blog can become frustrated and feel that he/she is not being heard. Obviously the author may need to review his content to make sure it is accurate and appealing, but it is also the responsibility of a “blogger” to do his part and contribute to the “blog world.”

    I would offer these tips for those of you interested in learning more about “blog commenting.”

    1. Read whole article/blog and comments prior to writing your comment.
    2. Make an intelligible and respectful comment that is short yet informative.
    3. Be respectful.
    4. watch your language.
    5. Comment on blogs from people who don’t agree with you, people of different backgrounds or who have different interests.

    These are just a few tips that I would recommend to those of you who are just starting out in the blog world. There are many reasons for commenting on blogs and many ways to go about doing it, the biggest thing is to remember that in order to be heard you must first learn to listen.

    Last and not least always give credit where credit is due! So thank you to  Dr. Barbara Nixon for most of the material you provided in class that was expressed here.


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