Public? I think you mean public.

What is a public?

  • A public is basically a group of people with common interests/goals who will journal, tweet, blog ,etc… about topics pertaining to their particular interest.

I would say that I am a part of a few “publics,” but three in particular really stand out to me.

  1. I would say that I am a part of a “media” public. I love to research and read about new technology that is coming out (e.g. Mac). I would say that my brother-in-law, Brewster, introduced me to the world of media when I was in my early teens. He showed me how to use that media to create, advertise, communicate, etc… and I’ve been addicted ever since.
  2. I would say that I am also a part of the “acting” public. I am very involved in the arts, I’ve been in several plays and recently auditioned for an “improv” team. I loved watching Ace Ventura , as a kid and it inspired me to give acting a shot. I currently am not in any plays or productions but I keep it close to my heart and love watching others perform.
  3. The third public that stands out to me is the “music industry.” Growing up I had the opportunity to visit a couple of record companies and visit the studios, meet singers, a producer, and see the inside workings. I still have close ties and am constantly learning new ideas/concepts being thrown around in that industry.

These are just a few “Publics” I am a part of, I encourage you to think about those groups that you associate yourself with and write about them so others who may not have heard of them before can check them out. I really wish more people would talk about the groups they are a part of because it gives opportunity to others to join the conversation and check those groups out.


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