Ch. 1 of Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

Compliments of

Some interesting ideas from ch.1 of Dennis Wilcox’s and Glen Cameron’s Public Relations Strategies and Tactics.

  • Public Relations cannot easily be defined. There are a variety of definitions, most of them are very accurate and give an accurate glimpse into the world of Public Relations. A good working definition would be:
  • “a communication function of management through which organizations adapt to, alter, or maintain their environment for the purpose of achieving organizational goals.” -Professors LAwrence W. Long and Vincent Hazelton (p. 6: click link above for book)
  • Bank of America teams up with their Public Relations team and showed the world how helping others can be beneficial to all. Want more details? Then…..
  • Click me!

Public Relations is a blend of jobs. It involves creativity, artistry, communication, marketing and many more vocations. To work in the field of Public Relations you need to have a basic understanding of technology and other fields that can help you express your ideas in a creative and effective way.


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